Nintendo Switch Hacked to Play GAMECUBE (and Wii?) Games!

Nintendo Switch hacked to play gamecube games (and Wii Games?) thanks to the “unpatchable” Fail0verflow exploit that makes every current Nintendo Switch hackable! “Nintendo Switch – GAMECUBE Virtual Console…” ▶︎ Follow on Twitter ▶︎ I Stream Live at ▶︎ Subscribe ▶︎ Second Channel ▶︎ source

Cemu 1.11.3 – The Legend of Zelda BOTW – Test #8 – GTX 750 Ti 2GB – i3 3220 3.30ghz – 8gb RAM

———————————————————————— My specs CPU: i3 3220 3.30GHz GPU: GTX 750 Ti 2GB MSI Twin Frozr RAM: 8GB RAM DDR3 Windows 10 x64 Pro ———————————————————————— Cemu is a highly experimental software which can emulate Wii U games on PC. It is currently in development. Cemu es un software altamente experimental que puede emular los juegos de …