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10 Minutes of First Person Mario 64 on Wii U Virtual Console (Custom Inject) (N64)

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I made the meta files and injecitons myself, but the lists for Wii U VC injection compatibility are shared here:

My “10 Minutes of Custom Virtual Console” Playlist:

My “New Wii U Virtual Consoles” Playlist:

I will eventually have covered every emulator that exists on both the Wii U and vWii/Wii. I will show some mockups as well as specific games on either pre-existing Virtual Consoles or emulators I have already covered that I haven’t already shown off. Most Virtual Consoles can play any game respective of the system, there are just some Wii emulators that don’t use the classic controller.

P.S. The Sonic Mania app is a port I’m working on that I will never release, and only show videos of it. I paid for Sonic Mania on my Nintendo Switch’s eShop, and dumped the game. It was the most simple yet popular game I could find that I was wanting to port to the Wii U. The reason I will never release the app is because if I uploaded it it would be piracy, even though Sonic Mania was never released on the Wii U.

BGM: Super Monkey Ball 2~Under The Ocean Remix – DJ Zettie
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Intro & Outro:
VOLO – Shimmer

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