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GPD Win running Crash Nitro Kart (Gamecube) Dolphin Emulator

This game was saved to my internal storage. I used all performance settings.

I followed this video to tweak the BIOS settings to improve performance:

Do not watch that video with audio off, and pay attention to any of his warnings about tweaking the BIOS.
The only difference is that I did not modify any of the memory settings except for allocating 512MB of RAM for video memory.

I have not done any physical modifications to my GPD Win.

I have MalwareBytes and AVG installed.

For anyone curious about the battery life of the GPD Win:
It varies massively based on the power consumption.

Mine gets about 2 and a half hours at full performance with an intensive 3D game such as Skyrim or a high end emulator like Gamecube.
But I was about to squeeze about an hour out of 10% battery power by playing Bardbarian with WiFi off and Power Saving Mode.


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