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Zelda’s Ice Cream

Big thanks to Zelda Conversion Team for the zelda mod.

Join my discord! https://discord.gg/9XWpCkE

Mods like these are not yet possible on the switch. I am playing on my actual wii u, not an emulator.

Join the breath of the wild modding hub! https://discord.gg/fSMwXu9 Here you can find all the latest mods and get some help from some really cool people!
My discord username is Trollsquad57 # 4422

Here’s my Nintendo Switch friend code
Add me!

Want some mods?
Here are some mods that I use –
Here are cheat codes for the Wii U –

Let me know what videos you guys wanna see

Suggestions are always welcome in the comments.
And just so you guys know, I am a modder so all of the “Fake” “Cheater” “Not real” will just make you look weird.

Thank you guys for everything and feel free to subscribe.


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