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Nintendo 3DS – 80’s Overdrive.

Here’s a clone of OutRun/Final Freeway for the Nintendo 3DS. The looks and feel are pure 80’s, but they have added some more gameplay mechanics to keep things interesting for a longer time. Also the stages get longer the higher level you play, much like with Road Rash on Sega Megadrive/Genesis. Being able to upgrade your car is fun, but having to buy fuell and repair damage will hinder your progress later on, so you have to grind the earlyer levels to improve your car, so you can win the harder races, and you don’t crash into cars/road side objects that can damage your car.

Have you found anny games that reminds you on those sprite scaling games from the 80’s? Feel free to share on what platform and if you would recommend it or not.

Have fun with this video.


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