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Top 15 Upcoming 3DS Games 2018

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#15 Pokémon Crystal
#14 DISTRAINT Deluxe Edition
#13 Mekorama
#12 Shovel Knight King Of Cards
#11 Shakedown Hawaii
#10 Sushi Striker The Way Of Sushido
#9 Jake Hunter Detective Story Ghost Of The Dusk
#8 Dillon’s Rolling Western The Dead Heat Breakers
#7 Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology
#6 The Alliance Alive
#5 Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey Redux
#4 Persona Q2
#3 Dragon Quest XI Echoes Of An Elusive Age
#2 Kirby Battle Royale
#1 Detective Pikachu

Silvertom93 Blossom Haze
Mewmore Myuumoa Mata Ne
Mewmore I Don’t Want To Go Home Just Yet
Mewmore Why Won’t You Answer My Call
Mewmore Path Of The Wind Remix


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