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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Wii U) – DLC – All EX Treasures

*Read description first*

Showing the locations of all singular treasures and the Dark Armor.

Key Notes:

Merchant Hood
– At the Spring of Courage, you’ll notice it has a dragon statue for an entrance to the Goddess Statue. Check directly left to see its right claw on top of a cliff. Use Magnesis underneath the claw to find the treasure.
– Careful with the enemies in front of the dragon.

Garb of Winds
– Right below Lake Tower near Lake Hylia, float down to Cora Lake’s starting point to find the chest underwater.

Usurper King
– Head directly south of Dueling Peaks to Tobio’s Hollow, where the little swamp is located.

Dark Armor
– There are 3 pieces located around Lake Floria.
1) The first one is misleading. It doesn’t say which waterfall to check (or else it would have said “the highest waterfall”). You need to check the waterfall south of Corta Lake and use Magnesis there.
2) Self-explanatory at least. Head west through Floria River until you find the bridge. Check underneath. (Armor’s muscles aren’t filled out…but hey, long cape.)
3) At Ebara Forest, check behind the broken statue closer to the lake.

– And no, you can’t upgrade any of this gear.

Watch, enjoy, and comment, everyone.


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