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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Wii U) – Side Quest – Zora Stone Monuments

*Read description first*

Location: East of Hyrule, at Zora’s Domain. Talk to Jiahto. You must have cleared Divine Beast Vah Ruta first.

Somehow this quest slipped out.

Anyway, the task here is to go check all 10 monuments spread around the area of the domain. In case you have already checked all of them before starting this quest, it will be enough for Jiahto to be satisfied. If not, he will give you random answers for the ones you haven’t found.

1) West of Luto’s Crossing, in the area with Lizalfos.
2) On the other side of the first one on the cliff, directly facing Oren Bridge.
3) On the water level of Ruto Lake to the west.
4) From the right side of Luto’s Crossing, float down south to find this one.
5) West of the giant cliff that has Divine Beast Vah Ruta. Float down to the west to find the monument not that far away.
6) Directly west of Rutala Dam, on the thin cliffs.
7) Southwest of Ruto Precipice, on the direct path to Zora’s Domain.
8) Head down directly southeast of Upland Zorana and check the cliffs for this monument facing Zora’s Domain.
9) Taking the direct path through Luto’s Crossing, reach the area with the Wizzrobe. The peak nearby has the next monument.
10) A little south of Lulu’s Lake, northeast of Zora’s Domain.

Watch, enjoy, and comment, everyone.


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