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[3DS / Switch] Custom Keyboard W/ Switch Symbols

Today as I was playing MK8 Deluxe on my Switch, I saw someone with custom symbols in their name. That reminded me that there is symbols exclusive to the Switch that can be put into a Mii name as well. So then I thought about the easiest and most convenient way to do this that doesn’t need much technical knowledge for the end-user. I figured a custom keyboard for the 3DS would be good, since I made one a long time ago. That’s what I did. You can now make Miis in Mii Maker that can be transferred over to the Switch with the hacked symbols in them. The reason we have to do it this way is because the Switch isn’t hacked (at the time of making this video) so we can’t get anything unauthorized running directly from the Switch. Transferring it from the 3DS is easiest since it’s already hacked. There have been custom keyboards for the Switch before, however they aren’t yet possible on the latest system version and are not ready for the end user.

You should always make a NAND backup before installing CIAs. I’m not responsible if anything happens.

3ds.guide: http://3ds.guide/
Download: http://bit.ly/2sJ5tCn
Download (Mirror): http://bit.ly/2rG4eUg
How To Copy Miis From 3DS to Switch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNgO8d1_zYw
Nintendo Symbols: https://sites.google.com/site/comjacker/games/nintendo-symbols

All credit to ComJay for finding these symbols! This website has lots of symbols for all Nintendo consoles that support them.

On another note, I reached 7,000 subs on YouTube! It took a little while, but we’re here.

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