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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Wii U) – Shrine Quest – The Test of Wood

*Read description first*

Location: North of Hyrule, northeast of Korok Forest (directly walking from it). Talk to Damia.

This test involves traversing a long path to the shrine while keeping the Korok equipment Damia gives you (or if you somehow already have all of it with you for a 50% discount) intact, so you must make sure none of the pieces get broken on your way there while you avoid or fight the enemies. And you CANNOT change equipment at any other time, or else you’ll be disqualified.

However, you can use your Sheikah Slate functions like the bombs, which trivialize using the equipment at all if you’re smart about it.

Reaching the other side may be a little annoying because there are two swamp portions near the end. The first one can be harder to manage since slipping up is pretty easy (and drowning inside the bog forces you to start from the beginning of the test). There is an easy way to utterly avoid going through the trouble of crossing the swamp…from the ground. You can create wind trails by using the fire from the bats nearby and the Chuchus near the end. Ride the wind with the Paraglider and simply float across.

Reaching the shrine is all you need to do to claim the rewards.

After the test is over, you can do it all over again as a mini game testing how fast you can get to the other side under 5 minutes.

Watch, enjoy, and comment, everyone.


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